Friday, August 24, 2012

Celebration time

Well I'm not sure how these things normally pan out but it seems like things are moving quickly and positively for SchilMil games. We've existed as a company for a bit over a year and had our first products available on sale in NZ for 3 months.

This week we heard that Komodo has won 2 awards:

   New Game of the Year 2012
   Children's Choice award 2012

We are over the moon.

Other causes to celebrate: we received our first order from Whitcoulls. This is the Kiwi equivalent of WH Smith.

And pictures arrived from China showing the Kenakalan printing has progressed and assembly is about to start - so they are ahead of schedule and the game will be here in time for pre-Xmas sales.

And the sun is shining.

And I discovered the band called Alt-J and their beautiful song 'Tessellate'. Catch the video here.

Joy all round really.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Kenakalan on its way

Yep. Watch your backs: the wicked monkeys are coming.

The team of Schil and Mil hurtled to the finishing line this week and uploaded all the artwork for Game no3 to the manufacturer. Kenakalan is Indonesian & Malay for Mischief. The subtitle of the game is "Monkey Mischief".

Here is a sneak preview of the box and one of the six player shop front boards.

 Now I can get my life back but I've temporarily forgotten what it consisted of!