Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas blues

The song says it all

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goodies from the earth and an a-llama-ing dream

It was nice to have the blue galactic monkey (aka Tamsin) stay for a few days on her way through from England to the South Island. We always have a good laugh.

Nice also to see our good friends and ex-neighbours, Richard and Patricia getting some recognition for all their hard work on the farm as this article attests.

Since they moved to Taranaki from Auckland 5 years ago they've been doing some really clever stuff incorporating biodynamics and growing all sorts of goodies including the little known yakon which I hope to have a taste of next time we visit them.


On a more alarming note I had a dreadful dream last week that made me wake up in a panic. I saw a llama that I assumed was a pet of ours (don't know why but dreams are like that). It was attacking our cat Noodle, swinging her around like a baseball bat and bashing her against things. It was horrible.

Yesterday I was visiting my homeopath in search of a cure for my thermostat problems when she asked me if I had had any strange dreams. So I told her about the vicious llama and she immediately associated the dream with the fact that Zappa had been attacked and killed by a dog last year. It had not occurred to me to link the two but in hindsight the episode had been on our minds again recently as we have discovered whose dogs they are and have warned him if they get out again we will report him to dog control. The other linking feature would have been this recent llama safari.

Strange, but it all makes sense.