Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alhambra and the allure of alpacas

On Friday I was tempted out on a Llama safari north of Albany, by Mo.
We drove around until we found a paddock full of the beautiful creatures and managed to entice them over to our part of the fence by making various clicking and baa'ing noises (mostly me). They were so cute. Over lunch that followed we decided to form the North Auckland Lama Appreciation Society (NALAS). It wasn't until later I realised they were most likely alpacas, not lamas at all. Although cousins, they are physically quite different. Anyway, they were beautiful, and very friendly, and lunch was good too.

Saturday we hosted a Mensa games night at home, and had 8 or 9 people turn up. Everyone had to wear the false ears for a photo. We ate pizza and cheesecake and played Alhambra followed by Rage. The former was an enjoyable game, a bit like a cross between Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan.

The hostess with the mostest ears ...


Anonymous said...

Good job you found out they were really do they like carrots?

Amanda said...

Uncertain about carrots. They mostly eat grass but I found out that like llamas, they make a communal dung pile, and also ... "These animals are extremely gentle and calm with an intriguing inner struggle between curiosity and shyness. It is truly fascinating to watch them interact with each other with their expressive body language and humming. They have a soothing, serene manner that is positively contagious."

Richard said...

.....and they still hear better than we do!