Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Teeth, tunnels and black holes

September! It feels very spring like here. We haven't needed a log fire for a couple of weeks now, and jumpers are making way for t shirts again. Yaay!

We had a nice small break away from Auckland, at a Mensa AGM weekend which was held in and around Paeroa.

We stayed in a wee rustic cottage in a forest by a waterfall next to the Karangahake Gorge and enjoyed the activities and speakers arranged by Mensa. These included wining and dining at the Ohinemuri winery and a tour of the Waihi goldmine plus catching up with Mensa friends I hadn't seen for some time.

The weather was mostly fine and we did a spot of walking around the gorge past old mine workings, and back to base through a 1.1km disused railway tunnel ...

Devon, Seb and assorted wildlife at Aloma's house....

Today was a big milestone for me: I went to the dentist. I had not been since I left the UK in 1992, having had no cause for treatment. I was pleasantly surprised when I was told I had good strong English teeth with no visible signs of decay, even after the x-ray was done. I think he maybe was a bit miffed at this due to my obvious lack of previous funding into dentist's coffers. However, on a 2nd check, and during the scrape & polish, he discovered that a wisdom tooth had gone sideways into the rear tooth and damaged it, so its going to have to come out to let the wisdom tooth realign itself. Bummer! And I thought I was going to get off almost scot free.

This is amusing. The Black Hole...

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