Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The 'OOO' diet

No, it's not about getting down to an impossibly small dress size. It's what I envisage I will be consuming lots of when we go to live on a boat in Greece. It stands for "Olives, Octopus and Ouzo".

However a friend pointed out the other day that there needs to be Humus, Halloumi and even Pita added, so its going to have to be called the oHoHo diet.

It raised another issue I hadn't previously thought about: the Mediterranean diet is thought to be very healthy however, has anyone established whether it is the food component or the manner in which it is eaten? I had a very healthy tuna salad organic bread sandwich for my lunch yesterday - I consumed it while running between meetings and writing emails. Surely whatever you eat has to be healthier if taken outside in the sun for 2-3 hours with family, friends and some wine?

Meanwhile Mr Micky takes it easy in our home
office where he is employed as chief rubbish compactor.


Richard said...

Have you fixed dates for the adventure Mandy? We have to see you before you go.

Amanda said...

No - we don't have any set plans as yet. I'm sure we'll be here through the summer. Come & visit us anytime. M&J