Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blood in my eyes....

To cap off a series of minor ailments, for the past week I've had red infected eyeballs that stopped me wearing my contacts and entailed squeezing antibiotic ointment into my eyes - yuck. I am now just about back to normal. (oh that bad you may say!)

It made me think of 'Blood in my eyes' - and this video - with Bob cruising around the Camden Lock area of London, in fact right past the venue where my wedding reception happened back in 1990.

Woke up this morning, feeling blue, Seen a good-lookin' girl, can I make love with you? Hey, hey, babe, I got blood in my eyes for you, Hey, hey,...

A great song - very slow and bluesy. It's the highlight of the 'World Gone Wrong' album.

Looking forward to the coming weekend, for we are flying to Nelson, at the sunny top of the South Island for a 4 day break.

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