Friday, July 24, 2009

Movie heaven

Two weeks into the International Film Festival, and just three days to go, with three more films for us to see.

Last night we went to Dogtooth, about a surreal Greek family where the three adult children have been kept totally isolated from the outside world by their over protective parents. Things start to go badly wrong when the father brings in a security guard from his workplace to perform sexual favours for the son. The trailer here gives a hint of the weirdness that ensues. Great movie. I love films that totally transport you into another world that is both surreal but plausible. It reminded a little of the Natasha Kamplugh and Josef Fritzl cases.

We also saw 'I'm Not Harry Jensen'- a locally made low budget film of the 'whodunnit' genre filmed in the bush and coast west of Auckland. We got comp tickets as Paul had provided the film's website, the Director/Writer being a friend of his from school days.

'Paper Soldier' was an unfathomable Russian film set amongst the 1960's cosmonaut community. It was made even more unfathomable by having white subtitles on a snowy Siberian background.

The last 2 days my eyeballs have been red and irritated, I wonder if over-dosing on movies could do this, or if I have been contaminated by another movie-goers toxic perfume...

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