Friday, July 3, 2009

Exposed, and covered

On the home front the roofing is complete. And the torrential rains we've had caused no drips at all which is a relief. The house smells less musty already and looks a good deal smarter too.

I was amused by the Air NZ safety video featuring staff wearing nothing but body paint. The video is "The Bare Essentials of Safety", part of the 'Nothing to Hide" campaign.
Cleverly done - you can just spot the odd nipple. View the video here.

I've been enjoying the CD Leonard Cohen "Live in London". Great renditions of songs I liked on the studio versions and also some I now like after hearing them live. This one is called Boogie Street. Beautiful vocals by Len and co-writer Sharon Robinson.

Great to hear his voice in such good tone at the age of 75. If only Bob's voice had mellowed as well.

Basil and Micky having a brotherly kip on the window seat.

Have a good weekend!

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mariSh said...

Your house looks great now! You can face whatever the winter will bring!