Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A terribly sad day

I couldn't bring myself to write this yesterday. Writing it makes it seem real and it feels like a bad dream.

Zappa was not here when we got back from holiday early hours of Monday morning - and didn't show up all day Monday. On Tuesday morning John searched all around the nearby bush and then found his body on the beach.

Piecing together what friends and neighbours heard, it seems a stray dog chased him towards the beach on Sunday night and he drowned. He had bite wounds on his legs. We were on our way home at the time it happened.

He had such a wonderful personality and was a big part of the family. We have buried him next to BotBot. We are all devastated.

Our lovely lost boy.


Peter said...

Sad to read that Mandy. Take care.

Nik said...

Very sad to hear that. We just got a new cat this week after missing the one we left behind in the US for many years, you never quite forget them do you?

Amanda said...

Thanks Peter & Nik
He was such a big softie, a friend to everybody. He loved to roll over and have his tummy rubbed. I had him for 12 years and it feels so unfair to lose him this way.

mariSh said...


Tamsin said...

Oh you've got me crying now thinking of the big fat cuddly thing that didn't mind your loving abuse and just came back for more. He was the stuff of cat legends that boy.