Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sore toes for a good cause

Only just over a week to Jasmine and Mark's wedding. I wore the sparkly shoes to work today to try and break them in. Not too bad for comfort. Had several comments from work colleagues on the sudden upgrade to my usual boring footwear.

Noodle is still sad and lonely but she's a bit more normal and no longer hiding out in the guest bathroom at the top of the house. We've decided to go to the SPCA after the wedding to look for a wee brother to keep her company.

Have finally gotten around to reading Barack Obama's 'Dreams from my Father'. It's interesting, honest and revealing. A better insight into him than I got through reading the Biography 'From Promise to Power'.
The engagement was this time last year at One Tree Hill ...

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mariSh said...

You should have started a couple of weeks earlier! Now you will have sore feet for the wedding!