Sunday, November 23, 2008

Clean windows, strange dreams

Friday I went to the gym where I am being punished for having three weeks away by the keen young staff trying to get me back on track, they are increasing the weights until I can barely manage 10 reps per machine. Feels good afterwards though. I also had a sudden spurt of spring fever and cleaned all the windows, which if you know our house is quite a feat, as its almost all windows. It makes a big difference when the sun is out to see clearly and not through a layer of grime and cobwebs.

Saturday, to the garden centre and bought some flowering plants and shrubs and we did a major overhaul of the pots and planters on the decks at front and back. I'm not a plant expert but the gardenia smells amazing and the frangipani looks beautiful. It is so much tidier and welcoming now - ready for a round of summer barbecues and social behaviour.

I left John hosing off the decks and went to Jaz's bridal party. It was a very civilized version of a hen party with lots of lovely ladies in their summer frocks, bubbly and punch and snacks and silly games, but none of the rude stuff like throwing up in the street or tying the bride-to-be to lamposts. I took some pics but came home with someone elses camera that looked like mine. (I only had 2 glasses of punch). Anyway, I'd better not post their photos here! One game involved a prize for whoever had the oddest item in their handbag; someone had a capo and pick. All I could muster was some eyedrops and rice paper. Next time I go to a bridal party I'll make sure I have a jar of pickled herrings in my bag.

Today the weather looked variable but we risked it and drove north to Wenderholm for a walk around the estuary and beach. It was beautiful up there. Hardly anyone else around and lots of birdlife and fish jumping.

Deirdrie called and we had a nice catch up. She & Bruce moved 'across the ditch' earlier this year and are in a small mining town called Cloncurry, about an hour from Mt.Isa (Queensland). They are planning to do a couple of years there so we may go to visit next year.

As the afternoon grew dark and overcast I tried to read Obama but fell asleep on the sofa. Last night was interrupted with strange dreams, but not as strange as those I had almost every night in Vietnam. I don't know if it was the diet, the heat or something else but the dreams there were vivid and memorable. I spent each morning regaling others with my nightime adventures.


mariSh said...

Did you take any tablets against malaria? That would be the cause of the incredible dreams! Did you make notes about your dreams? You could develop them into short stories....

Amanda said...

No. I avoid those like the plague - ha! Last time I took Lariam was when I went to Lombok with you (1995). I was so sick I stopped taking them after 1 tablet.

mariSh said...