Friday, May 29, 2009

Dreaming of a water-tight winter

We are mid-chaos, one week into the 2-3 estimated it will take Metro to re-roof the house. Those who've been here know its a tricky one, with steep inaccessible slopes and lots of 'fiddly bits'.

While the scaffolds are up we are taking the opportunity to also have the guttering and downpipes replaced, the chimney overhauled, some new skylights put in, extra insulation between the roof and wooden ceilings, and some warped cedar side panels replaced.

It's costing us a small packet but is work well needed. It was at the stage where every downpour was causing a leak in some new and interesting place.

The scaffolds at the rear completely barricade the doors so the only route to the back decks and spa pool is to climb out of the window. Last weekend while lifting pot plants out of the way in preparation, I strained my lower back and so it's not an easy walk to the spa pool at the moment.

Our three cats have always regarded the roof as their territory. Some parts are low to the sloping ground which means they can get on & off with ease. However, the old asbestos sheet roof had good traction while the new steel is shiny and smooth. Coupled with the gutters being removed, they are quickly learning the ropes. Last night we heard a "whoooosh" followed by a thud as one of the boys skidded down the new roof and plunged to the deck. Luckily it was on a low part and no harm was sustained except possibly to feline pride.

The boys enjoying a sit in the gutter (old roof still in place).


mariSh said...

Just think how much cozier it will be in winter! Your boys love the adventurous life. Where the additional windows will go?

Amanda said...

Halfway up on the kitchen / tv room side. You will see them when you come over - too hard to explain.