Thursday, June 18, 2009

Possum Wars!

I didn't realise we lived in such a violent neighbourhood until tonight.

Sitting quietly by the log fire after dinner, browsing a book of soup recipes, as you do on a cold winters evening, I was shaken from my reverie with a loud squealing accompanied by several thuds just outside the front door. Thinking that one of the cats was murdering something on our doorstep, I ran outside to find two large grey bushy tailed possums wrestling each other on the rubber mat! They were locked in combat and carried on squealing for some moments until they realised a large human was standing over them at which point they separated. One took off down the drive and the other legged it indoors, down the stairs into the living room past John who was on his way up to see what the commotion was. Mr Possum tried to hide behind the furniture but we managed to get a towel over, wrap him up and throw the bugger out of the window into the bush to meet his fate with its possum enemies. All three cats were nowhere to be seen.

Too much excitement for one day!


mariSh said...

What a cutie.... Aussie had one attached to his chest once.

TW Val said...

Our wild neighbours are the foxes and badgers and their squabbles are soo loud. We also have a particularly cheeky fox who likes to sit on the door mat and look through the cat flap!