Saturday, November 21, 2009

Get in the mood for Santa

I was in denial about Christmas approaching, but this video has started to get me in the mood.

Also nice to see Bob dancing around like a sprightly young thing. I don't know if this song normally has reference to Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton or if thats Bob's addition?

Friday, November 20, 2009

In case you are wondering why your water bill is too high.....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Uh oh - where did the time go

I've been feeling increasingly bad over the last few days about the lack of blogging on my part. A bit like having a sick relative and putting off going to visit them - the guilt has got to me - as if there was anybody out there actually reading these posts. Ha!

October was a busier than usual month so I'll do a quick summary, catchy-uppy kind of post.

We were honoured by the presence of several visitors. Tamsin stopped over on her way from north to south , and I managed to exploit the opportunity to crack open the enhancements to my Alhambra game and give them a good workout. Dee and Bruce came for a night and took us for a delicious meal at Soul. They were on their way from Australia to Rotorua for Dee's mums 80th. Then 'Naki' Richard came for a visit and cheekily parked in the next-door neighbours where he used to live. We have more visitors lined up for this month and February. Great. I love having visitors.

It was Johns birthday and an excuse for a getaway so I rented a beach house just up the coast from Whitianga and we all 6 of us (Jaz, Mark, Paul & Kylie) packed up our cars and spent 3 days chilling out with each other which was lovely and relaxing. So lovely that I completely forgot to get my camera out - hence the lacks of pics but I can direct you to crafty Kylie's blog for a few images. On the Saturday night we had a beautiful meal at SALT on the waterfront, and were lucky to score a free bottle of bubbly due to a mix up with the booking. Although great food, I think it's the first (and last time) I will knowingly eat scallops served with chicken liver puree.

Since then we've been pretty quiet, continuing with the post-roof house renovations. We are up to door replacement - several had rotted frames and are now looking splendid again. We've been to see 'An Education' - which I enjoyed as it really evoked life in 1960's London. And 'Capitalism a Love Affair' - which is Mike Moore doing what he always does but with a different slant on it.

I've planted some tomatoes: 3 varieties plus mint and dill in preparation for yummy salads, and been trying to remember to do daily exercises with a broomstick and an imaginary spider to help counteract my frozen shoulder (I know not how I managed to freeze it but its quite painful).

Interesting dream the other day: Leonard Cohen was visiting as a Professor from Finland, but he died in my bathtub and I woke up worried what to do with him!