Thursday, March 22, 2012

Itching to get started

So 2012 is turning into quite a milestone year for me employment wise. After 19 years as an employee of Auckland University, I am now self-employed and focussing more time on SchilMil Games. I still do a little contracting to the Uni on a casual basis and do work also for FilmScan Imaging, but games are the main deal now.

Komodo and Raid the Pantry are in production right now: expected completion date is April 13th. We have written a long and thorough sales and marketing plan and can't wait to get our hands on the shipment so we can start beating down doors.

Other games under development include Kenakalan (Monkey Mischief). It is a card game where you play a tour agent trying to construct tours of Bali while wicked monkeys steal things and try to rearrange your shopfront. Here is a sample of one of the cards we are busy designing - there are 80 tour cards with different images on, eight of each of ten themes.

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