Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Our creations are sailing closer

Thanks to modern technology, we've been able to track the progress of 'our' cargo ship, across the seas. The Cosco Yingkou is currently in Brisbane and is due in Auckland this Friday. Excitement mounts as our pallets of games get closer.

We've been extremely busy: fine-tuning the online store, seeing potential retailers and blogging from the Komodos' view (letters home to his mum).

All the retailers that we've had face-to-face meetings with so far have placed orders for one or other, or both games, including the gift shop at Auckland Zoo. This makes for a very positive atmosphere around company HQ (aka 'upstairs').  Now we just need to get the shipment through customs and into the warehouse (aka 'the shed').

Monday Julia and I went down to Hamilton for the day for the New Zealand Toy fair. Fairly small I think as these events go but a good learning experience and networking opportunity. Can't help thinking though that we'd be better off spending our money at a trade show in a bigger market, such as Australia or Europe.

Strange to think our creations are on board this ship.

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