Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thinner and busier

This blog is becoming more of 6 monthly update than a regular diary.  It is true that the older one gets the less time there is in a day, and the less energy there is to do stuff in that shorter time. Bugger.

Since February, John & I have been doing intermittent fasting for 2 days a week, with the odd exception when I was away travelling or overseas.  It really works. We've both lost around 10 kg (John closer to 12). This has necessitated some previously unthinkable possibilities, like having to have extra holes bored into my favourite leather belt to hold my jeans up, being able to wear skinny jeans I had given up on and so on.  The fasting itself is manageable as long as I plan ahead what to eat on those days and don't get caught in a ravenous state next to tempting goodies.
Games work and some film scanning has been keeping me busy.  I've also taken on the unpaid job of chairing the NZ Games Association.

SchilMil is at a milestone, having just signed several artists to do the design work on boxes, cards and game boards for our two new projects: Granny Wars: the card game of Tit for Tat, and Manifest - a strategy game of shipping, cargo, pirates and other trouble at sea. We are aiming to get the first published and available before Xmas. Manifest won't be manufactured until the middle of next year. 

We'll be shortly launching a PledgeMe campaign to seek the funds upfront for Granny Wars. The rewards will include the right to have your own granny or granddad honoured by being caricatured on one the game cards. Watch this space.