Monday, March 16, 2009

Sicko in the kitchen

The head cold that started on Wednesday hung around, pretended to get better then Whack! - laid me up for good. I spent this morning sleeping clammily until John bought me boiled eggs and toasted soldiers (aah) - and then slept again until about midday when a roofer came around to measure up for a quote, and walked the length of the house on the roof in hobnail boots (well it sounded like).

Whenever I get sick I get the urge to bake and cook old fashioned goodies. In the last few days I have made fruitcake, roast lamb and a traditional Lancashire hotpot. Today a sultana, date and apple cake (the last one disappeared very quickly), and a lasagna using Gordon Foulmouth's recipe.

I've not posted any Bob for a few days, so here's a video I came across thanks to Bob's Vids. Despite being a Bobcat for 35 years today I found a song I'd never heard before... 'Ain't Gonna Go to Hell for Anybody'...

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