Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's all a bit Greek here....

Several times in the last 10 days we've had occasion to roll our eyes and declare that "It is a bit Greek here".

After a few days in Corfu and a day trip to Paxos we ferried to the mainland at Igoumenitsa and then drove down the coast to the Island of Levkas, which is tied to the mainland by a causeway.

The Greekness is evidenced by the following key features that contrast with our NZ life:
1) Lack of service. Businesses just don't seem all that interested in taking our money off us.
2) Apalling road signage. I reckon the transport dept gets a kickback for the volume of petrol sold as we've spent quite a few gallons driving the wrong way or looping around to work out where we are.
3) Pure ineptitude, summed up by the hotel laundry that took 3 days to wash 2 pairs of jeans, 5 shirts and some undies and managed to ruin 2 of the shirts: one stained with pink splodges, one with holes the size of walnuts in the front.And they folded it all up and didn't say anything but we wondered why they delayed giving it to us until the morning we were leaving town.
4)Mess. Natual beauty spoilt by rubbish. Everywhere. Such a shame.

Why then are we thinking of living here? Hmmm.


Peter Kenny said...

Wow... Not how I remember Greece.

Richard said...

But they are so polite, helpful and understanding on the ferries! When I was there (high season and some years ago) I'll never forget the panic of tourists leaping over piles of luggage trying to find their suitcase under the heap while being screamed at by the ferry crew who were in a hurry to leave for the next destination. If it had been cattle the RSPCA would have been alerted.
Otherwise it seemed to be a game of who could tell the biggest lies and cheat the most to the piss off unwelcome visitors.
Just about all my experiences in other countries were good.
Greece has had it too good for too long to care what you or I think.

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