Sunday, October 31, 2010

Now and Len

Leonard Cohen at Vector Arena 29-10-10

It's been three weeks since we came back to NZ. It took two weeks for my system to catch up, sleep to work properly, and to rid myself of the tonsillitis I developed on the homeward legs.

At least summer is kicking in here and we are able to once again laze around in the outdoors world that becomes uninhabitable in the winter months.

It has been full on since I got back, what with catching up with a month of paid work, helping to get Mensa NZ ready for the IBD (International Board of Directors) meeting which was here last week, and associated other stuff. oh yeah, and interviewing new tenants for one of the rentals. Now sorted as I've just signed up a lovely family from the UK who couldn't provide a NZ reference but offered 3 months rent in advance instead.

Friday we went to the Leonard Cohen concert and was amazed by the power of his voice, at 76 yrs of age he still sounds smooth and strong.  At the start he said "I don't know if I'll be back this way again so I'll give you everything I've got tonight". He was on stage for almost 3 and a half hours. We were getting exhausted. He ran off the stage doing a little dance and waving his arms like a gypsy. The supporting band were all great musically and his female trio of singers Sharon Robinson and the Webb sisters sounded truly sublime.

I cannot believe the shops are filling with Christmas items. It always seems too early, and always seems wrong in summer despite living here for 18 years.

PS I will post a few holiday photos here before long

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Marie ( said...

How wonderful that you were able to see Leonard perform in concert. Leonard Cohen's World Tour comes to an end December 12. Tell him what his concerts have meant to you. Please sign the Thank You card that will be presented to Leonard on December 12. Details at the Speaking Cohen website:

Good luck in New Zealand.