Monday, February 8, 2010

An 'appy alpaca birthday

My birthday celebrations this year were spread over several days, and good fun it was too. Thursday I was at work and in the evening Paul & Jaz were busy (at the AC/DC gig and French classes), so we went out for a meal altogether on Friday instead.

The food at Verbena was excellent - and as good as the Engine Room.

On Saturday John, Jaz, Mark & I drove out to an Alpaca farm near the Kaipara harbour and stayed overnight there. The hosts Hans and Chris were very entertaining and it was great to get up close with the Alpacas, including a few day old little-un that I was able to hold. The farm has over 200 alpacas of various breeds. One paddock was in quarantine as they were about to be flown to Germany for export. We hand fed the females with buckets of a fragrant mixture that contained cumin and ginger.

Bob news: Dylan and others, including Joan Baez will be performing at the White House in a 'Celebration of Civil Rights Music' on the 10th Feb. The show will be streamed live here


Peter Kenny said...

Loving those pix! And happy birthday...

mariSh said...

Ain't they the cutest critters on Earth? ( and the alpacas look good...)

Amanda said...

Aaw, thanks Mari :-)

mariSh said...

Mandy, could you send me the picture of you with baby alpaca in a larger size? (6X8print)
Thank you :-)
To go to my mugs' gallery in the new place,,,