Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our boat

Today we took the boat for a test run (sea trial) and it passed, so it will be ours by the weekend.
I managed not to embarrass myself by reviewing my breakfast, in fact I didn't feel at all queasy.
Still need to think of a name for her.


Nik said...

To fit the Dylan theme:

Blowin' In The Sea
Like A Floating Stone
Tangled up in Blue
Mr. Tambourine Boat

Alan said...

It reminded me of pictures I've
seen of river dolphins - with that
pointy bit on the end like the
nose - so here's some possible
names :

(from wikipedia river dolphin
articles )


(according to the article
Baiji sadly went extinct
recently, the last sighting was
in 2004 - apparently the first
(marine ?) mammalian extinction
in 50 years)

Amanda said...

Thanks Alan. Unfortuantely I cannot find reference to any of those dolphins in Dylan's catalogue. I do like the sound of Baiji though. The current Dylan related likely candidate is Isis. Googling learnt me that there is an Isis knot. John wasn't impressed when I said that she was the 'protector of the dead', he said 'yeah right but we are still alive'.