Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bob's BOTT alternatives hit the right notes

Hard Rain was released in 1976. It is a live album - BUT - it's amazing.

I've been reacquainting myself with it in the car and I've realised I like this version of 'You're A Big Girl Now' as much as (possibly more than) the original from Blood On The Tracks. By the sound of the audience at the end, they loved Bob performing it live too.

I particularly enjoy the reeeeeealy extended vowel sounds that emphasise heeees emooooooooshuuuuuuuns.

A cracker!

Our conversation was short and sweet
It nearly swept me off-a my feet.
And I'm back in the rain, oh, oh,
And you are on dry land.
You made it there somehow
You're a big girl now.

The cover is great too. I remember as a teenager listening to Hard Rain vinyl LP and wanting to touch his long curly hair - sigh!

While on the subject of BOTT alternative versions I have to post a link to the New York session take of 'Idiot Wind'. It sounds like such a different song here. It's a slow lovely gentle version without the venom that is evident on the album release. There are also a couple of new verses including one about throwing the I-Ching. Lovely.

It was gravity which pulled us down and destiny which broke us apart

You tamed the lion in my cage but it just wasn't enough to change my heart.
Now everything's a little upside down, as a matter of fact the wheels have stopped,
What's good is bad, what's bad is good, you'll find out when you reach the top
You're on the bottom.

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Mr. Tolerance said...

Hard Rain is such a fantastic and underrated album... Track after reinvented track!