Saturday, April 4, 2009

The sun is sinking like a ship

Our clocks go back tonight, so the evenings will be getting shorter.

The red berries on the Nikau palm trees surrounding our property have turned bright red, a sign that summer is nearly over. The tree rats and possums eat the berries from the tree closest to the house and we get the white/grey nibbled pips dropped all over the deck. It is like walking on marbles out there. At night time we hear them pinging off the wood, like a metronome: Ping, Ping, Ping.

Noodle - looking surprised/alarmed, which is her normal look these days.


mariSh said...

I enlarged the picture and noticed a great insect-like, head with bloodied open mouths!

Amanda said...

OOO. Whereabouts did you see it?

Richard said...

Hi Mandy,
Haven't signed on to your blog for a little while (been busy as....) but happy you're doing the roof (next post above). A leaking roof is THE most depressing thing.
Mr Greenfingers (OK, I'm getting better the longer I'm in Taranaki) syas the palm tree are is not a nikau but actually a bungalow palm. There are a few nikau palms around Peregrine, one between #11 and #13. Just thought I should tell you.