Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A long and lazy Easter break

A nice long five day break due to Easter abutting my normal day off today. Apart from a couple of visits to friends for dinner we largely stayed at home and did some tidying of the garden, went for a walk or two and played on our respective keyboards: John on his synthesizer, me playing scrabble online.

A hard two days work to come this week then we are off to Melbourne for six days to catch up with my brother and family and various friends. I read about a "Mozzarella bar" that's opened there which we have to sniff out - as fresh buffalo mozzarella is one of my favourite food groups. I always manage a visit to the good games store in the arcade when I am in Melbourne. It just happens to be close to a gourmet chocolate shop. Oh - so many temptations.

Autumn leaves near Devonport.

Micky warming his bonce on brother Basil's belly.

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