Friday, April 10, 2009

Poland vs New Zealand

We decided to get our house re-roofed before winter sets in, as the leaks are getting worse and it looks nothing short of shocking from the outside. We walked the neighbourhood today eyeballing various roof profiles and colours, not to mention peering closely at colours and shapes of guttering while holding up playing card size pieces of coloured steel. It's a wonder we weren't reported to the police. It's a whole new world of mystery out there. We'll also get a couple of new skylights fitted and have the chimney overhauled while the scaffolding is up. With a bit of luck the work will start at the end of April and be done by the middle of May.

I've been playing Scrabble with Mari in Poland, while simultaneously Skypeing with her on video call. Its good fun as we can pull faces and torment each other as we play. Almost like playing in the flesh but without the threat of physical violence :-)

Meanwhile, the weather plunged into winter as soon as the sun went down - at a depressingly early 6pm, despite it being a warm sunny day today. John made his signature dish of shepherds pie for dinner which warmed us up.

Mari - trying to beat me at Scrabble ....


Anonymous said...

Take that photo off, or else!!!! There will be physical violence - a lot!!!!!

mariSh said...