Saturday, January 17, 2009

Guess the onion bhaji

Neil Young is god according to both reviews I've read about Neil's performance at the BDO yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing him in Brisbane on Wednesday. And the support act My Morning Jacket.

With Tamsin staying we've been having a 'more vegetarian than usual' diet. Thursday we went to local curry house Sagar with Mo. Good peshwari naan there. We invented a game based around a plate of delicately random shaped onion bhaji. It was very funny but you had to be there. One diner found a 'lion on a rocky outcrop', and it looked like one too!

I managed a visit to the gym yesterday and a swim at Little Shoal Bay which is a short stroll from the house. Also quite a bit of lounging in the sun which I enjoyed immensely after a busy few days at work.

Today we went to look at boats. I learned what a dry stack is for. Saw one that would be good for Greece but the broker scared us with tales of $50,000 to ship it as far as Australia. If that's likely then we'll be buying one locally in the Med.

Am thinking to plan a trip to White Island, maybe at Easter. It's a live volcano near Whakatane. They issue you with a gas mask before you disembark the boat.

The kittens are on their 3rd set of collars.

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