Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Car fixed, plants broken

Monday saw a return of the working week, or in my case the working 3/5 of a week. It's very quiet at work though with many people still having summer holidays.

My normal day-off roving activities and gym going were curtailed yesterday, as my car was in the garage all day for its WOF and service. $600 later I am legal, serviced and taxed for another year

Three of our house plants decided to give up the ghost at the same time. They have been severely pruned and sent to the nursery (outside on the deck). It is a mystery as they are all long standing healthy plants and one is a particularly hardy and once flourishing begonia.
Possible causes seem to be ...
A) the recent heat and high humidity
B) the 'Feliway' feline pheromone vapourisers we are using to calm Noodle
C) possibly they've been wee'd on by the kittens.
D) or all of the above

Let me know if you are aware of any plant sensitivity to these ingredients.

Oh well, at least not Everything is Broken..

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