Sunday, January 4, 2009

King fish, Pepys and canasta in the sun

Last nights supper was fresh King fish. Shayne from next door had pootled into the Auckland harbour and pulled a big un from the water. It went down very well pan fried with herbs and served with a creamy horseradish potato mash and steamed asparagus.Val phoned and had a chat after dinner. She recommended me a book that I'm now bidding for on TradeMe. As she said, she 'doesn't read' so it must be quite a book that to trigger her to recommend it :-)

Feeling disinclined to anything strenuous on the last day of the break, we had a lazy morning. Eggs bene vegetarian style in Devonport followed by a stroll in the sun browsing in shops. We noticed that the old 'Jacksons' Museum' has gone and in it's place is a flash new arcade of shops including a 'UK Grocer'. We stocked up on shortbread, Tunnocks wafers but passed on the Walkers crisps. I picked up a couple in a second hand book shop on the wharf. Samuel Pepys' diary (vol 1). It was recommended to me years ago by Alan McC. The second was Peter Carey's 'My Life as a Fake'.

An impromptu canasta session followed, with Kim & Shayne. We sat on the deck while the sun rotated through the trees and kept us quite hot. A few cold beers and wine helped cool us. The game ended as a tie.

Devonport ferry about to leave the wharf.
Basil (caught mid-lick) and Micky having a towel-sit in the bathroom.


mariSh said...

what book was that? I just red a book about a journey across Siberia
which helped me a lot to survive the onset of winter in Poland; - a joke by comparison...

Amanda said...

It's called 'Eat, Pray, Love' by Elizabeth Gilbert. A middle age woman gives up her life to travel India, Italy and Bali, to find herself. I haven't read it yet.