Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shark, Buffalo, Monkey

There was a huge turnout at the Auckland Museum yesterday for a public outdoor autopsy on a great white shark. It was an extremely hot day and I could think of better things to do than sit in the heat watching a scientist slice open and examine the poor creatures stomach contents. The full gory details are here.

As for my stomach contents, a trip to Sabato to forage for creamy fresh buffalo mozzarella and a ciabatta did the trick. Don't feel like hot meals this weather.

The kittens have been getting new daily names to complement their formal names. The daily names reflect their activities and personalities that come to the fore on the day. The latest have been Reckitt & Coleman, Barnes & Noble, and today's: Bonkers & Raving.

Time today to tidy the guest quarters upstairs. Tamsin (aka Blue Galactic Monkey) is staying with us for a while until her tenant moves out. John has only one condition - that we don't gang up on him and make him play board games every night. Ha, we shall see :-)

Definitely not Settlers of Catan though, he really hates that. We might get away with a few rounds of Ticket to Ride or Articulate.


mariSh said... what about the stink?!

Amanda said...

Whale watchers were told to bring their own nose pegs and barf bags.