Friday, September 12, 2008

Disappointingly only Human

It's intriguing to hear about some new method of defining people's traits such as Star signs or Chinese zodiac animals. Well I find it intriguing. I'm always keen to know if the 'system' makes sense and can highlight some aspect of 'me' that I hadn't put a handle on before. Well this week I learnt that I am a "Yellow Overtone Human" in the Mayan Galactic calendar. Tamsin told me so it must be true.

I'm actually quite disappointed as there are some great sounding Mayan 'types' such as 'Red Crystal Skywalker' (Jasmine), 'White Magnetic Wizard' (Rina). 'White Solar Wind' (Mari) and Tamsin herself is a Blue Galactic Monkey as I mentioned the other day.

I was hoping to be something monkey or ape like. So with all the exotic possibilities out there, being a 'Yellow Human' just sounds dull. Tamsin reassured me its quite good but I won't find out more until I see her next week when she's promised to fill me in.

Interested in finding your own sign? You can do so by putting your date of birth into this calculator. If you do, let me know what you are and I can quiz Tamsin about what it means and whether we are compatible. Val - you are a 'Blue Planetary Storm'!!

By the way I am a "Rat" with supposed characteristics: "Intelligent, adaptable, quick-witted, charming, artistic, sociable" and born under the sign of Aquarius ... "Loyal, eccentric, creative, rebellious problem solver" - it's all true! I bet this 'Yellow Human' thing is gonna be a bad sign :-)

Incredibly 106,000 aluminum cans are used in the US every thirty seconds.... there are some interesting 'volumetric' images at this site.

One thing I love about Auckland is the great sushi on (almost) every street corner. My yummy lunch today....

St Pierre's makes the best sushi.


mariSh said...

To me you don't look jaundiced at all!!!!!
... your White Solar Wind/-

mariSh said...

Where is my other comment?!
I am a Tiger - Rat is my friend!