Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I once was lost and now I'm found...

It was one of those "faith in humanity" moments. I'd gone back to the classroom I was in last night, inspected the sofa in the foyer at close range (pulled all the cushions off), spoken to several receptionists and security guards, rang the police station and the gym. No luck.

At 2pm I stuck up several signs in the street, in the building and on the parking meter where I had parked - making sure to keep my cellphone within reach just in case it rang.

At 5pm I took a call from a friendly security guard who had been handed a set of keys. I described mine to him to make sure. The most remarkable feature is a plastic head of a smiling buddha that I bought in Taipei 10 years ago when I was visiting Mari. Needless to say this sealed the deal. The plastic buddha is obviously a lucky thing to attach to your keys, I can recommend it.

I reckon that’s about $300 saved as the bunch has 18 keys and an expensive Mitsubishi transponder thingymajig. I'm so chuffed that I am rewarding myself with a tall gin and tonic, the first for months... and a prawn and vege stir fry for dinner.

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