Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blackbird, three jabs, one vibrating lobster

Blackbird, the play we saw last night at the Maidment theatre was good but not the gripping psycho-drama the reviewers hinted it to be. Maybe I've been 'gripped' by too many great Berkoff plays like East, West, Greek, Kvetch and Decadence. I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Berkoff perform his two short plays Dog and One Man next month.

This morning I wasn't looking forward to getting vaccinated for Vietnam. Three jabs later I was protected against Hepatitis, Tetanus and Typhoid. A slightly sore arm but no other side effects noted. We also stocked up in the travel shop with handy items like compression socks, self filtering drinking bottles, 'Armed Forces' strength mosquito repellent and compact spindle-less toilet rolls. You never know when they'll be needed.

Feeling hungry after the puncturing, we sped to nearby Takapuna to the new(ish) beach cafe imaginatively called The Takapuna Beach Cafe. They have great food, and million dollar views so are always busy. Today we tried out their novel booking system. You turn up and tell them you want a table, they give you a red plastic lobster the size of a large banana and tell you to go for a walk. After a few minutes, halfway along the beach, the lobster in your hand vibrates and red lights flash to tell you that your table is ready. Great fun. You then march into the bustling cafe, wave the flashing lobster and get taken to a table by the window with the best views. Top notch food & coffee too.

Our clocks go forward tonight - Summertime is here!!


mariSh said...

Are you going to reenact "The African Queen" down the Mekong delta??? Forget the self-filtering bottles! What's wrong with the bottled water? Just eat in small road stalls and you will be alright. The real danger lies in big restaurants and hotels where they know nothing about fridge hygiene! Toilet paper??? You will find on every restaurant table! Avoid durian ice cream. GOOD LUCK!

Amanda said...

Yes - we do go up the Mekong and stay overnight with a 'traditional family' not quite sure what that means but I doubt there'll be a full buffet breakfast! Water bottles are subject to fraud as much as Investment banks!