Monday, September 22, 2008

Van bans cans while owl sings for ham

Monday. Work. Traffic. Etc. Sunshine & bluesky but not warm enough to shed trousers & boots.

I spotted this in the Guardian...
I'm a big fan of Van Morrison, but what is he thinking!! Come on Van! If you don't want to see people move around just stay at home.

We've been honoured the last few days with a particularly vociferous owl who sings at night time and sometimes in the day too. he sounds pretty close to the house and his call really does sound like "More Pork!!" hence its name. I've never seen it but apparently it should look like this.

The morepork is a New Zealand native bird of prey and protected species. More info here.
Etia anō āku mata me te mata-ā-ruru e tīwai ana
Me te mata kāhu e paro noa rā kai te tahora!
My eyes are like morepork eyes turning from side to side,
Like the eyes of a hawk who soars over the plain!

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Richard Naki said...

I've seen him/her too (or some of the rellies) when we lived there.
Take a torch and a pair of binoculars out on the deck and you'll be rewarded with something special.