Friday, September 19, 2008

Raw fish and global dancing

Did my penance errr, exercise, at the gym then had coffee with fellow gym-mate Judy before meeting up with the Blue Galactic Monkey (aka Tamsin) for lunch at Rikka. The sashimi boat was delicious. We yakked away for 2 hrs and then I dropped the Monkey back at her motel so she could continue her wheelin & dealin.

Got home and found the deck awash in warm sunshine so I ignored all distractions and potential chores, grabbed the hammock cushions and lay out there for a couple of hours reading and listening to Dylan bootlegs with the backing track of squawking tuis and lorrikeets flitting from tree to tree above my head. Two cats joined me, drowsy and happy in the warmth. At 4.30 the sun dipped behind the trees telling me its not yet summer.

I don't know if this is old and I missed it on it's rounds of the net but I found it quite uplifting to watch Matt do his happy dance around the world (including Auckland).

If like me, you can't help but ask "why", you can find out here...

The Monkey and the wicked lunch.

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