Sunday, September 14, 2008

A walk in a park and a cheery phonecall

Friday night we watched the Coen Brothers film 'No Country For Old Men' and really enjoyed it. OK there is quite a lot of gratuitous shooting but I found it both funny and gripping.

Saturday we were trying to stay in denial about the house needing painting so we wandered around the Domain after a brunch in Mt Eden. Walking there reminded me of working close to the hospital when Theresa would meet me after work 2 nights a week to go power walking up and around the museum and down to the old Parnell railway carriages. I decided to call her up in Oxford for a chat. It cheered me up no end as we always have a good laugh and I'm happy to hear they are planning to come to NZ for a holiday in February.

Strangely too, Theresa is living proof that it is indeed a 'small world' as whenever we talk (admittedly not very often these days) she manages to tell me some snippet of gossip, about some person or other I work with here in Auckland, that has travelled via Sydney to Oxford and I hear it from there! Amazing. Or, maybe I am just not a very good gossip magnet. It has to go around the world three times before I pick it up.

Richard, a cousin who has retired to live in France, I haven't seen for years (possibly decades) is also planning a trip over here. Great. Love having visitors. Come all yee friends & family in the next 12 months or we may not be here. You may have to track us down in the Greek Islands instead.

Above and below are pictures taken in the Auckland Domain and in the very spring-like winter gardens.

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