Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boat plans change direction

Those who know us know that we've been scheming for the last couple of years to buy a Dutch barge and go cruising through the French canals for a year or two (or ten). For some time we (well mostly John) have been searching for a barge that meets our size, shape and financial goals; some parts of the French canal system being quite challenging (in terms of lack of air draft), and some boats being quite pricey. This weekend we started considering buying a 'normal' boat and cruising around the Greek Islands instead.

I think for this I could put aside my 'No Waves' ruling about boats, and go along with the plan on the grounds that there are lots of islands close together and the proportion of time we'd need to spend dealing with things wavy and wet would not be too bad. The added advantages are better weather, more hummus and olives, and the chance to adventure to places such as Cyprus, Turkey, and then further afield to Morocco even. The type of boat required seems to be more affordable than a barge. I think the photo op's would be more diverse too than being on the French canals.

Just need John to sell the business and we will be off like a shot. A few more weeks like the one just gone and I think he'll be highly motivated to move ahead with the planning. Hope all our friends will come and visit us??? Apart from dreaming and scheming the weekend melted away pretty quickly. Yesterday the whole day we gardened and pressure washed driveways and decks, and trimmed back wayward neglected pot plants and pulled creeping bindweed from the real plants. Today we walked around North Head soaking up some sun rays and then Jaz and Paul came over for a Fathers Day lunch. Afterwards, I stretched out on the sofa with a belly full of eye fillet in blue cheese sauce, reading Kate Atkinson's 'Not The End of the World' - short stories that you wish were longer.

"John McCain was a prisoner in Vietnam. So was Gary Glitter, and I'm not voting for him either." (Seen on Expecting Rain, its 'Long Johnny's' footnote). Thanks LJ.

Below: Bob and Tom Petty (1987) - for all those seeking shelter from crazy weather..


mariSh said...

HEY!!!! Close the bookings immediately! I am moving in! Ahoy!

Amanda said...

Hey, Ms Pushy. That was quick. Get in line!!
PS The plums are fantastic. Thank you

mariSh said...

I thought I was in line for years now!!!! I will stay in the little boat that your boat will be pulling behind - if need be!

Naki Richard said...

Hmmmm, Greek Islands?
I bet you're glad you didn't persist with the French lessons!
Do they do Greek lessons on the North Shore?
Only joking Mandy, it sounds like a good plan to me. I still remember "The Lotus Eaters" or something like that (on the BBC decades ago) and always thought that would be a good place to slow down in.
Mind you, on the other side, the Greek Islands have been photographed a few times. But maybe not in the way you plan to do it? You could make money off tourists (sorry Marie?) in the summer and enjoy the islands when they've all gone home?
Life without a plan is no life anyway.
R & P