Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Money's getting shallow and weak...

Dylan the prophet wrote this in 2006...

The buyin' power of the proletariat's gone down
Money's gettin' shallow and weak
Now I'm down on my luck and I'm black and blue
Gonna give you another chance
I'm all alone and I'm expecting you
To lead me off in a cheerful dance
Got a brand new suit and a brand new wife
I can live on rice and beans
Some people never worked a day in their life
Don't know what work even means

"Workingman's Blues #2" from 'Modern Times' LP
A gorgeous song for the times we live in.

"Seen from a fair garden, everything looks cheerful. Climb to a higher plateau, and you'll see plunder and murder. Truth and beauty are in the eye of the beholder. I tried to stop figuring everything out a long time ago." - Jack Fate, 'Masked and Anonymous'

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