Monday, September 8, 2008

Dressed to impress

Oh No! The rain came back. After I had allowed the hopeful sunshine of the weekend push the rain sodden despair away.

Working from home this morning I realised I cannot focus properly on work stuff at home unless I dress for work. On my normal days off (Tues/Fri) I only idly check work email now & then when I feel like it. But on a work from home Monday, I needed to get into top gear and do some proper work, I had to put the right clothes on or else my mind wasn't up to the job. Track pants and sweatshirt wasn't going to do it. Why is that? Why do we have to dress up to persuade mental functions to kick in properly?

Actually, I had to put on a smart black jacket as I was working on a presentation to give at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) titled "Whats happening with e-Clinical Trials" which I did this afternoon with a colleague who covered the Bio-Statistics angles. So with PowerPoint readied and PowerSuit deployed we powered off to the North Shore campus to impress and educate!

Some images from the weekend wander around North Head and Cheltenham beach...


sam said...

great collection you've got. God Bless.

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All the Best.

mariSh said... the top beach picture! I do miss my long walks on the beach.