Saturday, September 20, 2008

A manta ray, dead bunnies and election(s)

It was such a lovely morning here we couldn't be bothered to do more than sit out under the garden umbrella and eat a decent plate of bacon & eggs. Again a family of red and green lorrikeets flew squawking around nearby. I spent a couple of hours reading the Weekend Herald with my feet up so the sun could give a hint of tan to my pale winter legs. It was 1pm before we thought about moving anywhere and dragged ourselves away from our bush haven.

The lure of boats must be getting stronger as we found ourselves wandering around Half Moon Bay marina which is way over the other side of Auckland.

While walking around eyeballing boats of various size and shapes we spotted a black manta ray gliding in the shallows at the waters edge. Quite rare apparently to see one in a marina. We took some boaty photos and had a refreshment stop at a cafe then onto Musick point for a look at the reserve. Signs at the park entrance declared "Warning! Rabbit Poison" so we fully expected to see dead bunnies lying around - but no!

An art-deco style building, built in 1939, sits surrounded by green fields at the end of the peninsula and looks very out of place until you read the signs that it was a radio transmitting station - presumably during the war.

NZ is having an election the same week in November as the USA. I will be on holiday in Vietnam so will organise a postal vote.

Brief bio of
our Helen who is seeking a rare 3rd term in office, and the guy we are hoping will change something.


mariSh said...

Can you send me a picture of your lorrikeets? Are you sure it was a manta? Any pictures?

Amanda said...

Yes. Will post picture tomorrow and you can tell me if its a Manta or some other kind.

mariSh said...

did it have two horns/handles on the front of the body?