Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crawling out of windows

I nearly had to do it tonight. I lost my bunch of keys, all the house(s) plus car keys and my gym swipe card. Luckily most can be replaced, except the car transponder which will cost about $250. I will spend tomorrow retracing my walk through the streets near the University and ringing police stations and the gym in case they've been handed in.

Meanwhile, I was saved from having to do the crawling. This is an unreleased version of 'Can you please crawl out your window' from 1966(ish) bootleg called 'Thin Wild Mercury music'. I love the images of bloodhounds that kneel, and especially the line "if he needs a third eye he just grows it" ...

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Heart in the country said...

Hi Amanda - just found your blog, and loved the picture of the owl - I hope you get to see it one day. Poor you losing your keys, its amazing how such little things we take for granted can cause such an inconvenience to us - not to mention expense!
Hope you have luck in finding them.