Monday, September 29, 2008

Little red pills (may) cure all known ills

The Polypill trial just launched after many problems and delays made the front page of the Guardian today. Known here as 'PILL' (Programme to Improve Life and Longevity) - it is an international study designed and managed by the Clinical Trials Research Unit where I work here in Auckland. Today's launch is the pilot phase.

The tablets we know as "Anthony's little red pills".
Photo: Professor Simon Thom

The polypill combines aspirin, a statin to lower cholesterol and an ACE inhibitor and a thiazide to counter high blood pressure in one tablet. If this is shown to work it could save millions of lives particularly in developing countries - and without making megabucks for big Pharma!

Lets face it, if the choice was taking individual swigs of vodka, bacardi, tequila and grenadine or having them ready mixed and shaken, I know which I'd prefer!!

Note! Do not contact me for medical information or advice, I only look after the database & website side of these research projects. Besides, I am liable to tell you blatant lies or propaganda.

Note! Yes I do listen to Dylan while working.

No other excitement today. It would have been daylight until 7pm but for the dark rain clouds that dulled the sky before that.

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mariSh said...

OK... now it's the little pink pill (not to confuse with the blue one!)
I'd like to try it! Tell me if it works for you.-