Sunday, January 11, 2009

Elk grunts

Last night we watched the DVD Brokeback Mountain which we'd missed til now. Somehow we managed to have the 'Subtitles for the deaf' turned on and couldn't be bothered to turn them off. It was the first time I've watched a movie like this and it was quite surreal. The film was sad but I laughed as captions appeared whenever sounds were off-camera. My favourite was "Elk Grunts". When the action got steamy it came up "Both grunt".

The intermittent rain is keeping the kittens indoors, so we've had lots of cuddles in between them attacking each other and various toys.

I completed the work on the pharmacy survey database that has kept me busy during my days off for the last few weeks. Doing the documentation gave me a headache so the rest of the day is going to be lazy. Reading books and drinking tea until the monkey arrives.

Me and Basil
Micky dances with a ping pong ball while Basil prepares for a tackle.
Me holding Micky with a picture of BotBot looking on.


mariSh said...

Great pix of the catkins! You don't look very suntanned - avoiding sun?

Amanda said...

Not avoiding. Just don't want too much. And it has been VERY hot here!
Sitting in the shade is hot enough. The thought of lying in it - you would roast very quickly.

Peter said...

More photos of Micky please. That kitten's face makes me laugh every time. Jealous that it looks so sunny and warm!