Friday, January 2, 2009

Humidity 80, flushing repaired

After a beautiful hot day for our barbecue yesterday, today was rainy, hot and sticky and gave me a headache until the sun went down. The reading on our dehumidifier was already up to 80 when we woke. Even sitting indoors with the fan on was too hot and sticky. John repaired the guest toilet that was refusing to flush away any non-liquid matter. We have guests coming soon so this was a critical job.

Micky surprised us by climbing up a ponga fern tree that grows through the deck. We were sitting eating breakfast outside when he popped up through the hole like a firemans pole in reverse.

I've been experimenting with the new Genius feature on iTunes. You select a track you like and click the Genius symbol to create a playlist of tracks that are similar. I don't know what the algorithm is but it comes up with some interesting results including obscure corners of my music collection that I have never listened to or had forgotten I had.

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