Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A bib can halt the carnage

Last night Micky caught a bird and was very pleased with himself. We found it upsetting. He rewarded himself by sleeping all day on the bed once more. The boys are not quite 6 months, yet with Noodle the killing went on until about 2 yrs. Any suggestions how we can curtail the carnage?

I found this Cat Bib that is supposed to stop cats killing wildlife. But is it cruel to make them wear such a thing?

Went to the gym this morning and stopped on the way back for an impromptu (but overdue) haircut. The head massage was sublime and went on for 10 minutes. I was almost asleep in the recliner. The afternoon was spent doing film scanning. There has been a flurry of orders in the last week - this time a wedding by the sea.

I got Tamsin to divulge her "from scratch" pizza recipe and will give it a bash (literally) tonight

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mariSh said...

BUY THE BIBS IMMEDIATELY!!!! Don't hesitate!!!! I am grateful for the information - now I am considering having cats myself! (not kittens; he!-he!)I would never put up with their murderous instincts otherwise..
If my dogs can wear socks I don't see why the cats cannot get used to bibs. Just make sure that you chose nice colours...