Tuesday, February 17, 2009

David Byrne rocks!

On Valentines Day we went to David Byrne in concert. The show was officially titled 'David Byrne performs Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno' which is a bit of a mouthful.

What a great show it was. JK declared it one of the best concerts he's been to in New Zealand. Not only was David in great voice, but the show was very lively, with crazy dancers whirling and wheeling around the stage.

Half way through Neil Finn came on for a duet on 'Heaven'. DB introduced him so "In Japan they have a thing called a Living National Treasure, here in NZ they have the 'bloke down the road', and here he is...".
Each song had a new aspect. One was performed with David and all the dancers sitting on office chairs wheeling themselves around the stage, another was sung with him and all the band running on the spot, a bit like one of the old Talking Heads videos.

For Burning Down The House (one of the several encores) everyone came back on wearing white tutus. This clip conveys the huge amount of energy and fun that was had by all the performers.

And the view from my pozzie..


alucidor said...

Hi there, thanks for this, and hope you don't mind but I posted a link to your blog on www.frenzforum.com (Neil Finn/Crowded House/Split Enz etc fan forum). Yours was the only photo I could find of Neil and David on stage together - if you have any more that you could share, that would be great :)

Amanda said...

Hi alucidor.
I also took a short video of Neil singing 'Heaven' with David. If I have time later I'll upload it to Youtube and post a link here.

alucidor said...

Amanda - Thanks, would love to see the clip :)