Friday, February 13, 2009

Cooler and a bit choppy

The humidity abated by this morning. We can breathe again.

I had to take the hire car back and hand over my car keys to the insurance company so they can pay my car settlement. I am now in the market to buy a car and there's too much choice. I'm narrowing the possibilities to a Japanese station wagon/Estate ideally with a sunroof. JK went to Turners auction yesterday and watched some go through at reasonable prices (about $2000 below estimated value). There is another auction tomorrow.

After dropping the hire car I came home on the ferry from downtown to Birkenhead. The short walk along from the rental place to downtown took only 15 minutes but I was stopped three times by people asking for directions I thought this was strange, then one couple said they were "just off the boat" which explained things. The cruise liner Oriana was in port and I took some pictures of it towering above the ferry boats. I sat outside on the ferry. The ride was a little choppy but the cool breeze was welcome after the hot sticky calm of the last few days.

Micky enjoying an ayurevedic massage from Tamsin.

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