Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A fond farewell

Waved goodbye to my cousin today. They are spending the next three weeks touring through NZ. It was a nice few days getting to know them a little after years (well, decades) of not really having any contact. We will definitely visit them in France when we get the chance.

The heat lingers on here in contrast to the pictures of freezing London on the news.

My sister's dogs enjoying their snowy garden in Dorking.

One of the race boats being put to bed for the night at Auckland Viaduct Harbour.

Forever Young (The Dylan/ Will.i.am pepsi commercial)


W. Joel said...

Thank you. That was comprehensive, eloquent and very kind of you. Sincerely, Billy Joel

Amanda said...

Hi Billy.
I don't think we've ever met, but if you are BJ then:
A) Why are you commenting on my blog?
B) Dylan is a thousand times more talented than you
C) Even Bruce is 500 times more talented.
D) Are you sure you got the right blog?
Errr. Who are you really?
Thanks for the comment.