Monday, February 23, 2009

Cats stole our sleep!

This weekend we decided was time we set them completely free. Nearly 6 months old. Kittens no more.

No more locking up at night. No more litter tray in the spare room or being fed separately from Noodle.

A spring clean ensued. Cat litter gives off a fine dust, which when combined with a fan in hot weather, disperses around a room hugging every possible surface. The spare room (my study) was spring cleaned on Saturday and declared "no longer your room" to Basil & Micky.

Last night the two boys seemed to spend the whole night racing up and down the hallway, interspersed with chasing rattling cicadas into our bedroom. Several times I shooed them out of the bedroom only to witness them go through the house, out the catflap and back in the bedroom via the upper deck. It is still quite hot and we cannot sleep with bedroom doors & windows shut. Needlesss to say, we didn't get a lot of sleep.

And to rub salt in, when I got home from work today I heard that both the cats had been fast asleep until after 4pm - on our bed!

Other highlights of the weekend just gone:
  • Playing canasta with the neighbours, and having a melon dacquiri there (as a foretaste of our upcoming street cocktail party)
  • Taking my new car for a drive up to Matakana, walking around the riverside and having lunch at the Leigh Sawmill Cafe. Having delicious grilled bluenose (the fish not me). We bought tickets to see Hollie Smith there next Saturday
  • Learning that Jaz & Mark are putting an offer to buy a house. Good luck guys.
  • Reading a review of this album and finding it available on

1 comment:

mariSh said...

Don't complain about a sleepless night! I could tell you about mine 15 (FIFTEEN!) sleepless nights...
I just might - as soon as I shall recover... slept last night - the whole night!
I hope you will have trouble-less night soon.-