Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rooftop rescue and thirsty koalas

The humidity got to 100% last night. Apparently 23C at 100% humidity feels like 35C. It sure felt sticky.

Still no news of my car.

Both kittens managed to get onto the roof of the office yesterday. They were probably trying to find a breeze. We watched for a while as they picked their way around, losing their footing due to the steep pitch of the slope. Eventually JK had to get the long ladder out to haul them out of the gutter.
A friend in Australia sent these pictures of 2 separate incidents where koala bears approached humans for water to help them cool down. Poor little bears.


mariSh said...

The kittens look more grown-up with every picture! They might get bigger ideas too. Soon you will be taking them off the other roof!
The coala in a bowl looks cutest!

Richard said...

Nice legs JK!